Pattex is the reliable partner that empowers the end users to grow to the next skill level. All thanks to its strong support with smart bonding solutions and easy guidance.

Pattex products are available in more than 50 countries – under various sister brands depending on the region and differ only in terms of name and design but not their technology. In Mexico, for example, the products are called ‘Resistol’ and in Canada the consumer knows them as ‘LePage.’ In Germany, the adhesive strength of Pattex has become renowned over the last few decades. If someone or something “sticks like glue,” Germans tend to say that it “sticks like Pattex.”


Since 1956 Pattex has been the Professional Strong Bonding Power for contractors and construction. Pattex provides the most powerful range for all fixing, bonding and repairing jobs – always providing the right solution with professional results guaranteed.


Pattex belongs to the most powerful adhesive range with easy and convenient application for all DIY bonding, assembling and repairing jobs delivering the highest quality.