Create a vase with rope with Pattex PL 700 Total fix

Create a beautiful vase or carafe with ropes. Show your creative side!!


Material needed

  • A vase or a carafe in glass
  • A linen rope
  • Scissors
  • Decorations to hide the ends
  • Pattex PL 700 Total Fix

Step by step / how to do:

1. Take a vase or a carafe in glass and a linen rope.


2. Cut the rope on the cross with sharpened scissors so that the ends will be less visible.

3. Start to wrap the vase or the carafe with the rope. The first twirl is the most difficult one, once done you will only need to let the rope unroll itself.

4. Tighten the rope after every 5 twirls, to avoid spaces between the twirls.

5. Once you have covered half of the vase or carafe, stop wrapping the vase with rope by cutting the rope.  

6. Now, start at the bottom of the vase and repeat as indicate above. The technique remains the same.

7. In order to hide the ends of ropes, you can add some decorations, either made of rope as showed on the examples, or with a decoration of your choice.

Tips & Trick

You can also cover the whole vase or carafe with the rope to shape an elegant hermetic vase or carafe.

You can also paint the rope with special paint to give some colors to your creation.