Repair the heal or the sole of a shoe with Repair Extreme

A broken heal or an unstuck sole? Daily problems you have to solve quickly and efficiently…
To get all your small repair jobs done, concentrate your strength!


  • Pattex Repair Extreme is strong, fast, flexible, transparent, all material and solvent-free.

Step by step / how to do:


Clean both surfaces to be glued. They have to be sane, dried, clean, fat-free and dust-free. To do so, you can use household detergent, acetone or burning alcohol but not white-spirit (oily alcohol).


Glue one of the surfaces with Repair Extreme.


Press both surfaces during approximately 5min.


The glue dries in 2h but reaches its final strength only after 48h.

Tips & Tricks

For heavy objects, you may need to clamp before final strength is reached. Depending on your project, you can simply use:

  • A box full of sand
  • A Tape roll
  • An elastic
  • A clothespin

For some of your repair jobs, you can also use cyanoacrylate glues (so called super-glues), which insure instant bonding. But keep in mind they are less resistant to shocks and vibrations than Flextec glues such as Repair Extreme.