Repair a broken chair with Repair Express

The leg of one of your chairs is broken or the back of your chairs is loose? No need to throw it away...
Here is some advice to fix it and give it a second life.



  • Possibility to paint over, to grind and to re-work
  • Strong bonding power
  • Cures in 5minutes

NB: If you use a cartridge, you will need a caulking gun and a cutter.

Step by step / how to do:


Cut a little piece of Repair Express paste 64g with a cutter. For small repairs, we advise you to use Repair Express doses.


Mix the paste with your fingers till it gets fully white and takes the shape you want.


Apply the white paste on your broken furniture to replace the missing part. You have then up to 3 minutes to smooth it and give its final shape.


Once smoothing is done, let it dry 15min and then sand and paint the surface. Wait 48h for maximal resistance.

Tips & Tricks

For sensitive skins, use of gloves is recommended to manipulate the paste and smooth it.