Create a birdhouse with NMN Exterior

All year round, in order to welcome birds in your garden, build for them houses just for them!


  • A 2 cm – thick–wooden board 
  • A saw
  • A drilling cone
  • A ruler
  • A sheet of sandpaper
  • A woodsman pencil
  • A rope
  • A square flower pot in plastic

Step by step / how to do:


Gather the material needed and protect your worktop.


Use a drilling cone to drill a 7 cm diameter hole in one of the sides of the flower pot.


Use the saw to cut a wooden base according to the same dimension as the flower pot.


Sand the sides of the wooden board to smooth the surface.


Glue the flower pot upside down onto the wooden base board.


Pull the rope through the holes at the bottom of the flower pot, tie a knot at both ends of the rope in order to hang it onto a branch of a tree.


Here you go!

Tips & Tricks

You can also paint the flower pot and the wood board to brighten your garden.