Mount a mirror or soap dish with Pattex PL 700 Total Fix

Learn how to mount a mirror or a soapdish on tiles without drilling.
With Pattex PL 700 Total Fix, you can mount everything you want even in humid rooms.


  • A cartridge of Pattex PL 700 Total Fix, Water Resistant, Strong bonding power, Clean and Convenient

NB: If you use a cartridge, you will need a caulking gun and a cutter.

Step by step / how to do:


Open the cartridge, fit the nozzle then cut it with the cutter.


Glue the back of the mirror / soapdish.


Mount the mirror / soapdish on the tiles and apply pressure for approximately 20 seconds.


Reposition the mirror / the soapdish if needed then let it dry for 48 hours.