Pattex No More Nails Invisible

Features and Benefits

For quick and reliable results! The easy solution for mounting without drilling, so simple that anyone can use it. Safe to use, No More Nails Invisible is a solvent free water based adhesive.


Tube 40g

Tube 200g

Cartridge 300ml


Application areas: 

Pattex No More Nails Invisible Cartridge is suitable for the following surfaces: plaster surfaces (indoor), concrete, cellular concrete, pumice, fiber concrete, plaster board, gypsum floorboards, wood materials (e.g. chip boards) and polyurethane rigid-foams.



Store cool, dry and unopened, up to 18 months.

Store away from heat, flame, and spark in a cool area. Because the product contains water, it is best stored above freezing.

Keep away from children.

Once opened, be sure to recap, use entire tube shortly after opening.